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Specifically for US, British, Irish, Canadian, Japanese, or Chinese companies and law firms.

Would you like to ask for further information on a point of French or EU Law ?
Please direct all questions to us at, askfor@testu-avocats.com, and one of our legal experts will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Terms :

1°) The question must be precise and delimited to a specific point of law (no case analysis within the framework of this service).

2°) The price is a one-off fee of 150 euros or 180 USD, payable by wire transfer on receipt of our invoice. The invoice will be sent to you by email after you have received the legal advice.

3°) The service shall be provided only if you indicate to us the company's name whom you represent, the inquirer’s identity and status, the company's IBAN and a corporate email address.
Please address your question and the above-required information to: askfor@testu-avocats.com

Quelques Publications (documents téléchargeables)

François Xavier Testu et Jean-Hubert Moitry : La Responsabilité du fait des produits défectueux (commentaire de la loi 98-389 du 19 mai 1998), Dalloz Affaires [numéro spécial], juillet 1998.

François Xavier Testu : La Confidentialité conventionnelle, Droit & Patrimoine 2002, p.81.

François Xavier Testu et Sidonie Hill : BSA : Quelles utilisations possibles dans les sociétés de biotechnologies ?, Biotechnologies & Finances 2003, n°163, p.6 s., et n°164, p.6.

François Xavier Testu et Sidonie Hill : Stock options: Vue d'ensemble et principale difficulté à éviter, La Semaine Juridique, éd. Entreprises 2003, § 1707, p.1949.

François Xavier Testu : Brevet : le contrat de licence est un outil stratégique pour les biotechnologies, Biotechnologies & Finances 2005, n°230, p.5 s.

François Xavier Testu : Brevet : le term sheet en matière de licence internationale de brevet, Biotechnologies & Finances 2005, n°234, p.5 s.


Contact for general information and for quoting services

Testu & Associés
4 rue de Galliéra
75116 Paris

tel. 00 33 147 200 894
fax 00 33 147 238 741



Everything you need for your business : Professional and diligent approach

• We draft contracts and various operating agreements under European laws, including :

- Licensing & Distribution Agreements ;
- R & D agreements, MTA and TEA ;
- Partnership agreements for clinical trials within the EU territory
- Logistics agreements ;
- International sale of goods & related contracts and general terms ;
- Commercial or industrial real estate transactions ;
- Specific service agreements.

• Company and corporate law :

- Choice of entity ;
- Company formation and operation ;
- Access to capital & financing ;
- M & A within the French territory.

Reliable support :
Providing best solutions

• We can help and advise you on these practice areas :

- French business & fiscal law ;
- French corporate law ;
- New biological resources & EU Law ;
- French Patent law & IP Rights ;
- EU Product Liability ;
- EU Competition and Distribution law
- Technology acquisition or sale & Technology law audit ;
- Technology licensing & management ;
- Environmental law, including issues relating to medical waste under French law & EU law ;
- Investment in real estate assets within the EU territory.

• We address all aspects of commercial claims, including :

- Administrative litigation ;
- Dealer, Distributor & Franchise claims ;
- Patent, trademark & copyright ;
- Trade secrets & unfair competition ;
- Claims for compensation & Action for specific performance ;
- Action for payment against French debtors.


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